Hazel Mehta

Founder & CEO, The Qwerty Ink

Hazel Mehta, founder and CEO of the Qwerty Ink has a passion for marketing and a unique understanding of how branding and marketing affect the profitability of a business. A passionate marketer at heart she acts as a consultant who’ll provide strategic and practical advice to boost your company’s marketing efforts. She specializes in organizing activities and marketing strategies for your business. A methodical and strategic thinker and knowledgeable in everyday marketing activities, she knows how to make businesses scale. She is an excellent communicator with lots of enthusiasm and has a head brimming with creativity resting her shoulders. Her experience and industry knowledge comes from working with leading agencies like Ogilvy and Mather. Hazel’s pertinent goal is to ensure that your company’s marketing operations engage your customers and outperform your competition. She draws out and orchestrates strategies to ensure that happens within the company while making optimal use of available resources. What sets Hazel apart and makes her the perfect fit for any brand consultation is the fact that she is can think creatively and execute analytically, thus making her a lethal combination of creativity and knowledge. From introducing digital integration in the workplace to effective budget distribution to creative marketing strategies, she possesses a holistic solution for your brand. She helps you define your brand space and curate the necessary PR, sales, media and creative services. She tends to your business brand health just like a doctor tends to your physical health. Simply put: Imagine you had the best dietician nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor, all combined into one, to look after and enhance your appearance and health. Wouldn’t that be incredibly easy and efficient?

Suraj Gowda

Strategic and Organisational Consultant

A man of great candour and the flagbearer of simple living high thinking, Suraj Gowda has worked his charm in many organizations. His career began with a graduate degree and a noble youth counselling and as he paved his way up the corporate ladder he bagged many accolades and was finally appointed General Manager at The Qwerty Ink. He provides solutions for client-driven services in organizations. His reputation stems from his expertise and proven capability to deliver thought leadership within complex projects. He strategizes with the top management to provide solutions that enable the company to maintain leading market positions while enhancing their ROI. His objective is to deliver the most-effective strategies and solutions that lead to benchmark profits. He is an expert in strategizing and planning organizational resources. Suraj is an expert on leadership management owing to his proven experience in the field. The reputation of any consultant rests solely on his capability to provide meaningful solutions to projects and businesses. Suraj is your go-to guy for the same. A big picture guy and a man in love with statistics, he can set processes in motion and organize business processes like none other. An expert at Start- Up cultures he can set processes to develop strategic teams to ensure the organization delivers on its vision and mission.

Almas Khan

Human Resource Consultant

Shortly after starting her career as a Human resource executive, Almas Khan joined the Qwerty Ink in an attempt to satiate her appetite for in-depth human resource management. Her experience as a generalist has made her an expert in many fields in the domain and is truly an asset for any organization that wishes to align HR policies to overall business success. She became a human resources consultant at The Qwerty Ink and has developed many policies and processes to set the department in motion on various projects. She redefines human resources and breaks myths by providing HR solutions that add to the company’s productivity and ensures that HR is not seen as a cost function, rather an asset to any organizations health. Her experience and proficiency in human resource strategy, payroll and compensations and talent management and engagement have been instrumental in the growth of organizations. She is focussed and process-oriented with a keen eye for detail which makes her a force to reckon with.