How to Digitally Ignite your Business!

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Ways for your business to transform Digitally.

Back in the day, the only source of advertising were typewriters, penning down ads in newspapers; or by handing out flyers. These methods were effective but consumed time and money but now they stand close to being obsolete.

We live in a new era of Digitization. Users prefer reading news and receive corporate updates on their cell phones and laptops rather than on the radio or newspapers.

This means that as a company, it is time to let go of the 60’s and pick up trends from this new generation.

Here at The QWERTY Ink, we guide and help you complete this transition. The age of Digitization may be sophisticated, but we could make it easier for you with our Digital Enterprise Packages.

What do we offer?

1.Mail Integration & Video Conferencing Setup:

Save up on travel expense and paper. Connect with your team from anywhere. With video calls, you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel. Thus, invest in setting up the system as it’s a one-time cost and will help you out in the long-run.

2. Cyber Security Seminar:

The digital age is a blessing to companies as well as hackers. Gain a basic understanding of cyber security for protection against threats by taking our one-hour seminar to learn about the basics of cybersecurity.

3. Website Development and AMC Package:

It is one thing to create a website and another thing to monitor and develop it regularly. With our data and research, we can create the latest types of websites for you and retrieve analytics, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

4. Digital Platform Guidance:

Digital platforms are your “Daily Breaking News.” It only lasts that long! Besides, Facebook isn’t the answer for every company. We help you choose the right platforms with proper analytics that boosts the company’s publicity.


Remember, if you stand in the middle of a river and sell water, it isn’t going to do you any good. You should know where to stand in this cut-throat competitive market.

If you are interested in any of the above packages, please fill out our general inquiry form and get in touch with us.

(The QWERTY Ink is a Mumbai based consultancy.)


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