How To Enhance Your Business Through Branding

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Learn how to set your business apart by following these simple brand identity philosophies.                        

A tenacious and significant brand identity can help a business grow more successful, which is why creating an effective brand identity is imperative.

There is a lot more to creating an image for your brand than just having a logo design.

The objective is to imprint your brand in the minds of people in a way that stays memorable for eternity.       



So, what does Brand Identity entail, and why is it so important?

When you create a brand identity, you’re applying your brand values to any visual elements that will be used to promote your business. It doesn’t essentially mean a logo, corporate identity or advertising styles.

A Brand should exhibit confidence, passion, belonging, action, security and a set of unique values.

So, what should you keep in mind when creating an identity? Here are some philosophies from The QWERTY Ink’s brand Strategy development team to keep in mind:

    1. Charisma

      We design an identity that sets the tone of your brand which can be used to draw your audience. With thorough research and attention to detail, we communicate your company’s overall message in order to promote your business goals.

    1. Consistency

      The goal of developing a brand identity is to maintain consistency. Even though the basic styles and design elements vary from time to time, the message passed across all brand communication should be invariable.

    1. Uniqueness

      How can your brand be imprinted in people’s minds? Being selectively famous is one way of branding yourself. Another way is to bombard the masses with your message. Brand positioning to the right audience plays a vital role in distinguishing yourself from the competition and also attracts the right kind of customers in the market. At TQI, we find out what your brand needs to make it stand out and ensure that it is executed correctly.

    1. Awareness

      Creating a brand identity package ensures that your brand is at the forefront which helps to increase brand awareness. The more places your brand is featured, the more contact it will make with consumers, and the more memorable it will be.

  1. Loyalty

    An effective brand identity can help to build customer loyalty and trust in a brand since it allows customers to make a connection between a product and the company. We make sure your brand guarantees quality and evokes desire.

So, what are some of the core areas of focus for you as a new brand?

    1. Brand name

      The techniques to make your brand name the natural part of the audience’s everyday speech.

    1. Integrated Visual Strategy

      The way your brand will present itself on different visual platforms, like Facebook posts or billboards ads.

    1. Brand positioning

      What does your brand stand for? Why?

    1. Business cards

      Your first impression is always the strongest influencer. The business card is thus one of your most important assets and needs to help you stand out from the crowd.

    1. Stationery

      The legitimate approach to design your stationery in a way that it reflects and enhances your brand image.

  1. Product Packaging Strategy

    How your packaging must be designed to be imminently shoppable.

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your business grows in the right direction.

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