We are not an agency!
Therefore unlike an agency, we question the very brief to understand the company, product/service better and thus to deliver a more realistic, superior and a brand-centric strategy. We question the brief, the outlined budget and the cost-effectiveness of the suggested solution. This can be better explained with the help of a case study of a client we once had.

Case: This client was a ladies apparel brand who spent a lot of time and money in conducting a brand photoshoot. However, they failed to take into account the money it would cost them to edit the photographs into the right kind of digital banners for their campaigns. Moreover, the photographer refused to release the photographs, unless the brand came on board for editing services as well. Thus the brand ended up paying nearly 3 times more than the initially estimated cost.

TQI Approach: TQI stepped in to avoid such situations from occurring again by ensuring that we format the right briefs and there and no hidden costs that are kept from the client and we create an expectation of what is the result we are looking for and the deliverables that we want from the service provider. By giving a clear like this, we have helped many companies dodge the bullet of hidden costs.



What - do you stand for?
Why – choose you and not your competitor?
When – should you promote your content?
Where – should your content be placed?
Who – are you selling to?

Are you addressing the right target audience at the right time for the right cost?

Case: TQI once had a client that supplied laminate flooring that was ripe for digital transformation. Moreover, they did not know that they could leverage digital media for generating sales. This was because of the perception that selling flooring in India is a touch and feel the product that can only be sold in stores.

TQI Approach: This is where TQI stepped in to analyze the potential for digital transformation. We proposed and successfully executed a lead generation initiative to bump sales pan India and order inquiries soon ushered in. TQI also built a strong digital presence backed by SEO initiatives and. The brand engagement escalated owing to the combined efforts. By plugging the right resources at the right time, TQI facilitated smooth digital transformation for the brand.



Efficiency is not our motto, rather efficiency with effectiveness is what we strive for. Your resources are allocated in an efficient way with an approach to maximise its effectiveness, thus deriving maximum results. Efficiency does not mean cheap advertising but using the same funds in the most efficient and effective way.

Case: TQI once had a client who had a quarterly budget of 2 lakhs and wanted to put out an ad in the newspaper for a shop located in Bandra. He had a decent marketing budget but was about to make a grave mistake by utilizing it in the wrong way.

TQI Approach: This is where TQI stepped in and communicated to the business owner that it was a less than useful idea to spend that amount on a single ad. We suggested that he consider digital advertising to ensure optimum utilization of the same budget for multiple ads. We also ensured that we would generate leads through hyper-targeting in that particular part of the city (Bandra). TQI set up a digital campaign for the business and within a few months time launched multiple ad campaigns for the client ensuring leads, awareness and search engine rankings. Thus we effectively utilized his budget and by repurposing the budget, ensuring maximum efficiency was attained.



What matters at the end of all campaigns is have you reached the audience, right? As we said, we are not an agency! We want your brand/product/service to reach the target audience it is meant for and therefore generates business prospects.

Case: TQI once had a client that dealt in authentic second-hand antiques and collectables. Along with establishing itself effectively on social media, the brand also required to identify the correct target audience and position itself in a way that increases traffic and eventually company sales. The client was setting a target of pan India audience for selling his products. But there was no point in selling in targeting all of India when you cannot cater to all of India.

TQI Approach: TQI recognized the need for brand awareness activities that and eventually drove people to the store/outlet. The brand was positioned effectively on social media and this online presence facilitated ground sales. A niche segment was identified for the brand and a budget was allocated to facilitate marketing and hyper-targeting initiatives for that brand. The promotional activities were then streamlined to suit the identified target group. Although his cost of acquisition increased in the process, it was worth the effort as it showed significant growth in the conversion rate. This is applicable to almost any company trying to establish a reach and improve sales and who better than TQI to help you achieve these goals.



We don’t create campaigns, we create strategies. We understand your vision and set milestones to achieve them. We have a target oriented approach as we believe that small achievements are footsteps to bigger goals.

Case: TQI once had a client that was a leading cement company with great international exposure. They had a strong brand image and offline presence. However, they had almost zero online presence. As a brand seeking major overseas expansions, it was important for them to endorse an international look for any company to build international faith.

TQI Approach: TQI created the right presence for the brand by developing a digital profile to entice the international audience. Given what the target was, we created PR links to facilitate a Wikipedia page. They were also positioned as though leaders on Quora and LinkedIn. The goal was to create interesting online content through photos, videos and well-written text to encourage people to engage with the brand. TQI understood the goals of the brand and accordingly strategized and set achievable goals. This is an approach TQI’s follows religiously for every brand it takes under its wing of consults.



Simple if you grow, we grow!

Client – Consultant relationship is like an arranged marriage. Both parties have agreed to stay for lifelong not knowing much about each other. We look forward to creating an environment of trust wherein we have the creative and domain freedom with your market experience. For us, YOU matter the most, BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO OUR CONSULTATION.