The Right Way to Start Up

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Startups and India have gone hand in hand pretty well over the past few years. India has the third highest number of startups in the world. They are also beginning to employ a respectable amount of people, numbering close to 85,000 recruitments. There is a lot of money being pumped into this new segment by angel investors.

With all that being said, there are still issues that these new companies face, in this quick, tech driven market segment.

Here is where The Qwerty Ink steps in, with its expertise.

Our Start Up Package includes: 

1.Digital Platform Setup- We set you up for your first taste of the digital arena. Having the right digital platforms is an important pre requisite for any start up.

Platforms Included are:

  • Facebook: Works great for B2Cs as well as B2Bs looking to connect, Facebook’s simple interface has brought digital marketing to the masses.
  • Instagram: A few years ago, no one ever thought much about Instagram as a platform that could be monetised, but, against all odds, the projected rise in ad revenue alone from 2016 to 2018 is from $2billion to $5.5 billion, that’s amazing since it is only not even two years old in the advertising arena.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a great platform for businesses to keep their followers updated with concise timely updates without much fuss.
  • LinkedIn: The best place for businesses to interact with like minded professionals from all over the place, LinkedIn has always been closely linked to corporates, for good reason too.

2. Digital PR- Since Traditional PR isn’t enough anymore.

  • LinkedIn- We make you sound exactly the way you intend to. In today’s world of hyper connectivity, information is the name of the trade. That’s why Digital PR is ever so important, especially if you are the new kid on the bloc. LinkedIn has made its mark with the other stalwarts as a White Information Aggregator.

3.Presentation Template/Emailer Design-

  • Every company needs presentations done, yesterday, and with the ever rising rush to get things done, we figured it would be helpful if we provided a template which represents the brand positioning of your company, which can be used as many times as is needed.
  • Emailers have proven their worth in the past as great ways to engage audiences. We design a custom emailer, in-line with your current brand communication strategy.

4. Analytical Insights– So that you know what works, and what doesn’t.

  • A lot of traditional media left gaping holes when it came to information on ROI (Returns on Investment), thus keeping spending up, without understanding whether it even paid off. Now with digital media, we can tell you exactly how much your spending is getting you in terms of returns, and how quickly its happening too.

5. Social Media- We provide a boost to your Social Media Asset Creation.

  • 16 posts for your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts.
    • We create Posts for you, keeping in line with the prevailing Social Media Strategy, reaching out to as many potential customers as is possible, with an innovative approach.

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