Why work at a startup?

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Curious to know how a new business, born into the world, works? Well, no need to speculate any further!

The feel of something new is always ecstatic. Starting a company is like giving birth to a baby. It’s a different feeling, one that you’ve never felt before. Watching the business hit its peak, is a wonderful journey to experience. The effort that goes in the development process is scary yet exciting.

If you’re a fresher in search of a job, then applying to a start-up is a decision you will never regret. Especially if you are a person who isn’t sure which field you want to major in in the future.  

So why is a start-up a perfect place for you to start exploring? Here are some behind the scenes secrets of a startup company:

1. The appealing atmosphere:

The atmosphere at a startup is less structured as compared to a well-established firm. In fact, it isn’t all that different from being in your college classroom. How may you ask? Well, it is a space filled with young people who are mostly all in their 20’s. It almost feels like the next step of development after your college classroom. Also, colours and decor are a few of the minute details that uplift the aura of the workspace.

2. Your opinion matters:

One of the perks of a start-up is that the employee strength is minimum which brings the team together to work as a collective unit. They become family as there’s a lot of room to get to know one and other on a more personal level. Voicing of opinions is made compulsory so as to rectify issues immediately.

3. Brainstorming:

New ideas, strategies, designs, write-ups etc, are brought to light during hands-on discussions wherein, your opinion also matters. For eg., Even an HR can present a groundbreaking idea. Theories are presented keeping in mind the sensitivity towards others beliefs.

4.Knowledge grabbers:

In a start-up company, one of the prestigious moments you will ever face is the opportunity to grasp as much knowledge as possible. In spite of being hired for a certain position, you will have to dip your hands into various other fields. If you’re up for the challenge or one of those who like to break the monotony, then joining a start-up is perfect for you.

5. Reliability:

There’s a huge commitment and risk that goes hand in hand with having fewer employees. Each one must be self-sufficient. This boosts self-confidence and makes you trustworthy. It also gives you an opportunity to prove yourself.

Few other luxuries:

1. Report to the Head:

Helps you acquire feedback, insight, and guidance from the owner itself. The bosses are easily accessible to you at any given time. Plus you get the added benefit of bridging the vast gap of knowledge between you and them.

2. Dress code: 

Initial stages, you’re at liberty to dress in casuals or formals, whatever you’re comfortable in, safe from hardcore dress inspections.

3. Flexibility:

Office timings are flexible in genuine cases. They are more sensitive towards employees needs and requirements. The request to work from home privilege is provided.

4. Opportunities to Freshers:

Start-up companies mostly hire freshers to executive initial platforms of work. This enables freshers to acquire maximum knowledge and get the experience they require to grow.


All in all, a start-up is a priceless possession with career-defining benefits.

So, as a fresher, take your baby steps into a start-up and enjoy the perks it offers.

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